PAT Testing Low Down

What is PAT Testing?

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and checks whether those items are safe to use. 

According to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, employers, including those who are self employed, need to ensure that the electrical equipment they use is safe. PAT testing is something that tells them that they are compliant in this.

Not all appliances need checking every year though.......

Different Requirements

So could you decide which electrical equipment should be checked yearly or longer?

Which of the items below need to be tested 3 monthly and which fall into the yearly or 2 yearly categories?

  1.  A laptop in a hospital 
  2.  A DVD player used in function rooms in a hotel
  3.  A printer used in a school office
  4.  A laptop used on a construction site
  5.  A hand-held scanner in a local shop

Answers can be found at the end of the blog 😉

Why PAT Test?

Electrical fires are the most common cause of fires in the workplace. Usual suspects are frayed wires, overloading extension cables and old equipment.  As many workplaces have many easily combustible materials, such as paper, in close proximity to electrical items such as printers and computers the risks can be high.

The Electricity at Work Regulations were brought in to reduce the number of workplace fires. They take into account different work environments and the risks they hold, as well as the different types of electrical equipment. They group into 2 Classes, depending on the earth cable or double insulation , as well as different types of equipment, such as whether the items are movable, portable or stationary etc.

IDH Training PAT Testing

We are very pleased to be able to offer efficient, flexible PAT testing to any business, including those self-employed or landlords, to give peace of mind that your equipment is safe and at low risk of causing a fire.

We will charge £25 per hour (with a minimum of 1 hour) so you only pay for the time taken to test the equipment you have. You will be given stickers to prove each item has been tested showing when the retest date is as well as a list of your equipment and when a retest is needed.

To discuss your needs, please contact us via phone or email

Quiz Answers:

  1. 1 year for any IT in a commercial setting including kitchens
  2. 2 years for movable equipment in a hotel setting
  3. 1 year for stationary equipment in schools
  4. 3 months for all construction site equipment
  5. 2 years for portable equipment in shops and offices